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Cold Air Inflatables or Product Replica  or Ground Balloon

Cold air inflatables, in a way, are just perfect to create giant sized replicas of products, for a huge impact but at minimal cost. Another advantage is that these are very light weight, fast to fabricate and cost far far less than what you would pay to have a replica made in any material. Since cold air inflatables can be made to any large size, the impact is understandably huge and is ideal for exhibitions, trade shows and so on to promote your product at a budget. Advertise In Air has grown vertically and horizontally. Rather than focus narrowly on simply making inflatables, we have expanded each facility to be an independent service offering.


We offer the widest range of standard balloons as well as custom crafted inflatables, air filled product replicas, made to specifications, using quality raw materials, printed with company logo and a message. We work in close coordination with clients and offer the best compromise in terms of cost, materials, size and quantity.



Expertise and technical caliber of the highest order are reflected in the totally safe hot air balloons and in the inflatable tents that carry the unmistakable stamp of excellence. Small to large, simple to complicated we have the capabilities and engineering capabilities to create it.