sky lanterns supplier delhi

White Sky Lantern - Each White Sky Lantern is Individually packaged • Non-drip, fast lighting, long burning, pre attached fuel cell • 100% biodegradable • Wire free • Full and comprehensive colour instructions with images • Made from superior quality, flame retardant paper • Safe and easy to use. Highest quality Sky Lanterns available on the market.


Sky Lanterns are also used in special events like Corporate Events. Make your event more special by releasing a number of sky lanterns into the sky.

Sky lanterns are one of the newest trends in party organization. People are turning to sky lanterns to enhance their occasions and increase the festive atmosphere. Everyone who participate in the event of sky lanterns will surely have an enjoyable time. The party will be spectacular once the lanterns are released and you can enjoy the beauty of the night sky lit with the lights. You can see the glow of sky lanterns for miles above you.