About Us

One cannot deny the fact that the world is governed by advertising. Everything around that you see is advertising wherein each business is trying their level best to instill in minds of the audience and public the presence of a brand or service. And with the rise in competition, it calls out for a more refined technique to make people aware of your products and service.

So, have you ever seen an inflatable balloon released on the air or a walking inflatable showing antiques outside a promotional booth? Well, if you don’t know what are these, inflatable balloons and promotional inflatable advertising is the latest trend amongst marketers. So, if you are in the lookout for sky balloon manufacturers or walking inflatables in delhi, you have landed on the right page. We at Advertise in Air offer exclusive service for creating inflatables for your business and services. If you are bothered about the cost factor then do not worry, we at Advertise in Air offer best inflatable materials at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for walking inflatables or sky balloon inflatables, we get them customized as per the criteria set by our customers.

What are the provisions that we at advertise in air offer?

Advertise in Air brings to the audience a lot of positive tools which can boost your marketing and advertising far ahead. One of these is sky balloons. We create customized promotional advertising balloons that when left in the air will surely catch the attention of onlookers. Whether you are walking on the street or waiting at the office building, it won’t miss your eye at all. You are free to choose which color, shape or size you wish to create the balloons and we will help you reach closer to your audience with our exclusive sky balloons.

Walking inflatable These are yet another popular inflatables which are growing in trend from the past few years. These character inflatable fit perfect for interacting and communicating with the crowd. You can have these customized as per your choice. From cartoon characters to superheroes, we are proficient in making inflatables in tandem to the requirement. Air dancers Not a typical dancer dancing in the air but inflatables designed like air dancers that would blow your mind off. We help in presenting beautiful and creative inflatable for promotional advertising. Why Choose Us?

Advertise in Air are forerunners in presenting high-quality and wonderful inflatables to increase brand popularity among the audience.
- We use high-quality material which meets the standard requirement of clients.
- Tear resistance and well ventilated
- We create inflatable in different shapes and sizes
- Affordable costs that won't create a hole in your wallet

Our Mission

To help our clients reach the highest level of profits and get their ideas instilled in the heart of the crowd in a creative and fun manner.

Our Vision

Grow together with clients and play a role in their success by proficiently presenting them with exclusive inflatables advertising. So get in touch with us now and change the phase of your business with our range of inflatables.

We, Advertise in air, Delhi, are counted among the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of balloon bounce, helium air balloon, air balloon bounce, light helium balloon, promotional campaigns, inflatable products. These include Custom Shaped Cold Air Inflatables, Giant Characters Inflatables, Giant Inflatable Animals, Inflatable Designs, Inflatable Props, Giant Themed Inflatables, Product Replicas, Giant Inflatable Globes, Rooftop Balloons, Custom and Standard Tents, and Interactive Inflatables. These are manufactured using the inflatable technology and are appreciated for their eye-catching designs, attractive color combinations and interesting shapes.

Moreover, we also offer an exhaustive range of customized products and services for Theme Parks, Themed Corporate Events, City Festivals, Sporting Events, Advertising and Marketing Agencies, including all types of Events and Promotional Activities.

The presence of a modern infrastructure, well equipped with the facilities of digital printing, airbrush and screen printing, enables us in offering our clients a visually appealing range of inflatable products. Further, the support and commitment of our team helps us in maintaining the optimum standards of quality.

Our quality manufacturing practices coupled with strict adherence to delivery deadlines have helped us in establishing a wide base of clients across India as well as abroad. Catering to diverse commercial and noncommercial agencies, including nonprofit agencies, we export our products to several countries, including Italy, Portugal, Brunei and Kenya. Further, clientele consists of several reputed names, such as Castrol Oil, Sahara Pulse Polio, Bharat Gas, Minute Maid Orange Juice and Mirinda.

We are working towards making our presence felt all across the globe. In this endeavor, we are supported by our dedicated and hard working team, which is constantly working at providing our clients with a range of inflatable products that offer excellence, both in terms of design and quality. We have been offering our products to numerous commercial and noncommercial agencies, including nonprofit agencies. Our export market includes the following countries:

In order to provide our customers with inflatable products of exceptional quality, we continuously work towards enhancing our production process. This has helped us in acquiring the trust and appreciation of our clients, thereby, making us the undisputed market leaders.

Our founders looked up at the sky, saw a dirigible and an idea was born. There was no looking back and AdvertiseInAir was born in Delhi. A continuing fresh approach to the whole concept of balloons and inflatables, and their use for promotional purposes led us to develop balloon bounce, helium air balloons, air balloon bounce, light helium balloons and custom shaped cold air inflatables, inflatable characters, animals, product replicas…virtually anything that needed to be given shape in the form of inflatable, we can do it. Today we make a range of inflatables ranging from small colorful balloons to giant themed inflatable tents. A creative bent of mind and imaginative designers on our team create eye-catching, striking designs, vivid color combinations and assorted shapes to a client’s design brief. We are proud to boast of having some of the most creative designers, visualizers, graphic artists, stitchers and finishers, quality control team supported by marketing and managerial personnel.

Our specialty is custom inflatables for theme parks, corporate events, city festivals, sporting events, advertising and promotions. Our production is fully integrated from start to finish, encompassing manufacturing, digital printing, air brushing, screen printing and fabrication facilities.

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand with our passion for quality and excellence in everything we do at Advertise in Air. That we have a global reputation is largely due to our dedication to delivering quality products on schedule, satisfying each customer. Our clientele is spread out all across the five continents: Italy, Portugal, Brunei, USA, Kenya, Austria, Singapore, Ireland, UK, UAE…to name a few. If you see a balloon floating in the sky in any part of the world, chances are it originates in our factories. We serve Castrol, Sahara, Bharat Gas, Minute Maid Juice and other leading brands in India.