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Back Pack Balloon

ADVERTISE IN AIR is a leading manufacturers and exporters of a quality range of Back Pack Balloon. These balloons are offered in unique and attractive designs and shapes and are largely appreciated for tear resistance and air leak proof. Demanded in different industries for promotional activities.Backpacks are custom made so that a person can carry a large illuminated balloon through a crowd, indoors or outdoors, day or night. They are ideal for live events,paryt,trade shows or even the high street because they carry your marketing message above the people's heads.    Back packs are simple to setup and easy to wear. They are designed to allow freedom of movement and maximum exposure for your marketing message. The battery is  weighs less than 2.5 kg and has a battery life of between 45 minutes to an hour per charge. Illumination is provided by  35W  Light.    There are 3 balloon types available and no helium is required: spheroids (pictured), balls and cylinders. Spheroid are a flattened elipse or lollipop shape with a 100cm circular digital printarea, which works well indoors. Balls are your more typical balloon shape which works best for vinyl prints. Cylinders are ideal for suggesting a can effect, for example to promote soft drinks.    Feel free to contact  ADVERTISE IN AIR in N Delhi


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